The Lotus Building in Wujin, China by Studio 505 is as smart as it is beautiful.

Studio 505 on the energy efficiency of their design:

The project has been designed to minimize energy usage- with over 2500 geothermal piles driven through the base of the artificial lake, The entire lake water mass and ground beneath is utilized to pre-cool (summer) and pre-warm (winter) the air conditioning systems for both the lotus and the two storey building beneath the lake. The project is also mixed mode and naturally ventilated and utilizes evaporative cooling from the lake surface to drive a thermal chimney within the main flower pod.

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L’église Saint-Pierre de Senlis. Senlis, France. Photos by Amber Maitrejean

(#1) The western facade of the church was completed in 1516. (#5) The south turret staircase, crowned by pinnacles has access to the roof.

This reminds me of some churches in Normandy- particularly on in Falaise, Calvados region- but you can tell that it’s more recent because of the more flamboyant style, and some of the ornamentation on the facade is a little bit reminiscent of that typical low country building facade from the same era that you see all over northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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